Addressing the biggest challenges and opportunities in developing and operating seaports in East Africa

As nearly 90% of trade happens by the sea, East African ports continue to expand and upgrade their infrastructure in order to improve efficiency, reduce transit time, and deliver world-class service. From Kenya to South Africa, new projects create exceptional maritime business opportunities for industry players as seaports require significant number of different services, technologies and equipment.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce 2nd East Africa Port Expansion Conference taking place from the 21-23 March in Mombasa, Kenya. This event will gather senior port representatives, key stakeholders, expert consultants and contractors, technology providers as well as the best suppliers across the industry to share their knowledge and drive better business in the region.

Benefits of attending:

Gain valuable market insights from port owners on their visions and plans

Lear how ports across Africa plan to increase in port connectivity and cargo throughput

Hear about the most cost effective, up-to-date technologies to increase port’s capacity

Investigate how to overcome port space, logistical and documentation challenges when expanding ports

Discuss with industry experts the challenges of port security

Who should attend?

  •  Chief Executive Officer/ Managing Director/ General Manager
  •  Port Director/ Head of Coastal/Harbour/Maritime
  •  Marine/Port Project Director
  •  Head of Masterplanning
  •  Head of Building and Infrastructure
  •  Head of Engineering Department
  •  Environmental Planning Expert / Advisor
  •  Head of Construction
  •  Chief information officer/ Chief Information Security Officer
  •  Business Development Director
  •  Port/Marine Operation Director
  •  Commercial Director
  •  Tender Director
From the following industries:
  •  Ministries and Government Authorities
  •  Port Authorities
  •  Terminal Operators
  •  Oil & Gas Operators
  •  Planning & Design Consultants
  •  Consulting Engineers
  •  Construction Contractors
  •  Product Suppliers and Manufacturers
  •  IT and Solution Providers
  •  Logistics & Shipping Companies
  •  Industry Associations
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